Working Together

I think I’d like to come and see a counsellor but I want to know more...

How do I decide if I should come to counselling?

It is you who should make the decision as you are the expert on yourself; no-one else can decide for you. If you feel that you can sort things out for yourself and you do not like the idea of talking to a stranger counselling may not be for you. I work with people with a variety of issues including depression, bereavement, relationships and work-related topics. If you are uncertain and want to find out more please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

How often do I have to see my counsellor?

Sessions are usually arranged weekly but when you think you are feeling that you are coping well you may want to come along less often. I find that it is important to develop our relationship by regular meetings at first but we can discuss your needs when we meet and agree a contract.

What happens at the introductory session?

It is important that you feel that you trust me and you can work with me so this session gives you the opportunity to ask questions and find out more. During this session we will talk about why you want to come to counselling, the difficulties you are experiencing and what you want from counselling. I will confirm that I am able to help you and will let you know what appointment times are available.

You may make up your mind about counselling during the session or you can telephone 07947 936 845, text, or email me within a week with your decision.

What can I talk about in the sessions?

What you talk about is up to you and you do not have to talk about things you are not ready to discuss with me. You are in charge of the agenda. The only slight exception to this will be our review sessions when we check out our progress together and consider what to do next.

How long are the sessions?

The introductory session will be between 30 to 50 minutes long and all other sessions will normally be 50 minutes.

How long do I have to come for counselling?

You will decide how long you want to come for counselling. Your sessions can be time limited (6 to 10 sessions) or open ended, whichever is appropriate. When you decide that you would like to finish we will have an ending session to conclude our working together. You are welcome to return in the future if you would like more sessions.

How do I arrange to meet my counsellor?

If you have decided that you would like counselling, or that you want more details, please go to the Practicalities page to find out more. I work from rooms in central Redditch Worcestershire, not far from junction 3 of the M42, just south of Birmingham. You can contact me by telephone, text or email me.

Can I get help through my employer?

Various factors may affect the well being of employees and timely intervention, by way of counselling, can be an advantage to both employer and employee. Counselling does not have to be about work-related issues. Employers who want to support their employees are welcome to contact me for further information.